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The Marvin Tate Coordination Complex Center

Project Details

Brazos Transit District
Bryan, Texas
11,518 SF


MYCON, a prominent construction firm, proudly announces the successful completion of the Marvin Tate Coordination Complex Center in Bryan, Texas. This cutting-edge facility, spanning 11,518 SF, is the centralized hub for administrative, training, and operational resources for the Brazos Transit District across 23 counties. The coordination center represents a harmonious blend of functionality, modern design, and a commitment to accessibility. Office space is tailored to meet the unique needs of administrative and operational staff. The lobby space showcases the rich local history of the Brazos Transit District. This integration pays homage to the District’s heritage and fosters a sense of connection within the community.

The Marvin Tate Coordination Complex Center is a testament to MYCON’s innovative approach to design and construction. The exterior façade, featuring modern metal paneling and durable glued laminated timber beams, enhances the building’s aesthetics and ensures long-term structural integrity. Integrating the latest built-in accessibility features and adaptable boardroom technology demonstrates MYCON’s commitment to anticipating and meeting future needs.

The entire facility is ADA-compliant, reflecting MYCON’s dedication to creating spaces that are accessible to all. From integrated accessibility features to the distinguished and adaptable board room, every aspect of the Marvin Tate Coordination Complex Center prioritizes inclusivity.


The completion of the Marvin Tate Coordination Complex Center underscores MYCON’s commitment to excellence in construction. This 11,518 SF facility serves as a centralized hub for the Brazos Transit District and stands as a symbol of innovation, accessibility, and respect for local history. MYCON’s successful delivery of this project reinforces its position as a leader in construction, capable of translating vision into reality while meeting the diverse needs of clients and communities.