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MYCON's Mission, Vision, and Values

MYCON's strength comes from a clear vision of who we are, what we stand for, and the impact we seek to have on our clients, partners, neighbors, and the greater community.

Our Mission

To consistently provide our clients with responsive and dependable construction services completing them on time and within budget. We strive to understand our clients’ needs and then consistently execute through goal-oriented partnering.

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Our Vision

To build on MYCON’s core values, history of high-performance, its talented team’s capabilities, and strategic partnerships by investing in PEOPLE, PROCESSES, and MARKET diversification that will align stakeholders and MYCONIANs to deliver exceptional results.

Our Core Values

Extraordinary People: MYCONIANs
At MYCON, we put the highest priority on recruiting, developing, and retaining extraordinary people with a strong work ethic - they are the heartbeat of our business. We aspire to be the employer of choice in our industry by creating an atmosphere that fosters personal development, motivates, and empowers MYCONIANs to reach their highest potential. We build strong relationships in an environment that is open, honest, and collaborative - you can count on your colleagues to help you succeed. MYCON is the place where people ask about your family and your weekend plans.
At MYCON, steady moral compasses influence and aspire us to the highest standards of ethical and professional behavior through transparent business practices. Given our responsibility to each other, clients, communities, and the environment in which we operate, ethical behavior is a critical—and elemental—part of our success. MYCONIANs have a strong character, are trustworthy, and do the right thing (even when no one is watching) because there is no alternative. Our word is our bond - “we say what we mean, and we do what we say.”
Commitment to Excellence
MYCON is committed to the highest standards of excellence in everything we do - a way of life both individually and as a company. As an industry-leader, clients and colleagues trust MYCON to generate solutions and deliver exceptional results through entrepreneurial vision, uncompromising safety, and quality. Commitment to excellence is at the heart of differentiating MYCONIANs from our competitors as “best in class.”
At MYCON, we are open-minded and flexible to adapt to our clients' and colleagues' needs, enabling us to be solution-oriented. MYCONIANs collaborate to proactively identify concerns, quickly respond when challenges arise, consider all possibilities to overcome obstacles, celebrate successes, and deliver exceptional results.
At MYCON, our reputation for excellence and integrity is paramount in the industry. It builds confidence in our brand, impacts our ability to attract and retain extraordinary people, influences corporate culture and community responsibility, and fuels trust and confidence in the quality of our service. It is the foundation of our business and aids MYCONIANs in consistently delivering exceptional results - creating partnerships that are a commitment to long-term relationships.
I’ve gained several leadership qualities, I’ve seen some aspects of construction for the first time and have learned something new every day. I seem to be getting better and better at my job as time goes on and I believe that’s the goal.
Everything that was told to me during the interview and hiring process, and during the new associate orientation regarding the job is true. The only surprise is that there were no surprises! MYCON is very transparent, and I love that.
MYCON has our backs in the field, knowledgeable information is at our fingertips.
It’s a great company that really cares about employees. The atmosphere around work and the office is always pleasant.

Assistant Superintendent


Project Coordinator