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Tanger Outlet Center

Project Details

Tanger Fort Worth
Fort Worth, Texas
386,285 SF


MYCON undertook a significant construction project, contributing to the commercial landscape of Fort Worth, Texas, by completing the construction of the Tanger Outlet Mall. This expansive development comprised ten buildings, collectively spanning an impressive 386,285 SF. Situated strategically at the intersection of Hwy 114 and I-35, the mall stood as a prominent retail destination just north of the city.

The Tanger Outlet Mall project involved the construction of a multi-building retail complex designed to accommodate a diverse range of retail tenants. The scale of the project, with ten distinct buildings, emphasized MYCON’s capability to handle complex and large-scale developments while maintaining the highest construction standards. MYCON’s construction expertise shone through in the meticulous planning and execution of the Tanger Outlet Mall. Each building within the complex was crafted with precision, ensuring structural integrity, functionality, and visual appeal—the architectural design of the mall aimed to create an inviting and accessible space for shoppers and retailers. MYCON’s construction team employed innovative techniques and materials to achieve this, seamlessly blending aesthetic elements with practicality.

MYCON adeptly navigated these challenges by employing effective project management strategies, coordinating multiple construction teams, and ensuring compliance with strict industry standards. The intricacies of coordinating the construction of multiple buildings within a specific time frame were expertly managed by MYCON’s experienced team. Completing the Tanger Outlet Mall in Fort Worth, Texas, marked a significant achievement for MYCON. The mall emerged as a vibrant retail hub, offering a diverse shopping experience to residents and visitors alike. The scale, design, and attention to detail showcased MYCON’s commitment to delivering top-notch construction projects that contribute positively to the local economy and community.


MYCON’s successful completion of the Tanger Outlet Mall demonstrated the capability to undertake and execute large-scale commercial projects with finesse. The project showcased MYCON’s dedication to delivering high-quality construction and creating impactful spaces that contribute significantly to the local retail landscape and community.