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Austin, Texas
25,491 SF
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MYCON successfully completed the construction of a luxurious 30,000 square foot, upscale, full-service fitness club for Equinox. Nestled within the City View development, this state-of-the-art facility seamlessly integrates a comprehensive selection of Equinox-branded programs, services, and products. The club offers a premium fitness experience, encompassing strength and cardio training, studio classes, personal training, spa services, apparel, and food/juice bars.

The Equinox Fitness Club is strategically located within the dynamic City View development, adding a touch of opulence to the urban landscape. This prime location not only enhances accessibility for members but also contributes to the overall appeal of the City View development as a lifestyle destination.

Facility Features:

  • Size and Layout: The 30,000 square foot facility is designed to provide ample space for a diverse range of fitness activities, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for members.
  • Comprehensive Fitness Offerings: Equinox’s commitment to holistic well-being is reflected in the integrated selection of programs. Members have access to top-tier strength and cardio training equipment, engaging studio classes, and personalized training sessions.
  • Spa Services and Products: The inclusion of spa services adds an extra layer of indulgence to the fitness club experience. Members can enjoy wellness-focused treatments and access high-quality spa products.
  • Apparel and Retail: Equinox’s signature apparel and retail offerings are seamlessly integrated into the club, allowing members to explore and purchase premium fitness gear.
  • Food and Juice Bars: Recognizing the importance of nutrition in fitness, the facility features food and juice bars, offering nourishing options to complement members’ workout routines.


The Equinox Fitness Club in the City View development stands as a testament to MYCON’s ability to execute complex construction projects with precision and excellence. The club not only adds value to the urban landscape but also provides a haven for fitness enthusiasts seeking a top-tier experience. This successful partnership between MYCON and Equinox underscores the importance of craftsmanship and attention to detail in creating upscale, full-service fitness destinations.