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On the Cusp of New Technology: Revolutionizing MYCON’s Processes

  • Megan Price
  • February 22, 2024
  • Industry Insights

Industry-leading commercial contractor MYCON General Contractors, Inc. (MYCON) is integrating cutting-edge technology to streamline internal processes and improve training – ultimately filling in the gaps left behind by the labor shortages plaguing the construction industry.

A Culture of Innovation
A culture deeply invested in innovation is at the core of MYCON’s strategy. As the landscapes of construction and technology evolve, we are embracing opportunities to improve our operations, with technology serving as the fundamental support for our team and a catalyst for boosting efficiency.

MYCON has a culture of innovation. Our team is constantly looking into new ways to implement technology that will support our team and increase efficiency across the board.

– Chris Martin, Vice President of Technology Services for MYCON.

Some innovative technologies and practices we are strategically implementing across departments include:

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA): Automates routine tasks to enhance efficiency, particularly in accounting.
  • Machine Learning and Data Analytics: Leverages data to inform decision-making and improve operational outcomes.
  • Reality Capture: Utilizes state-of-the-art 3D, 360-degree scanning to document existing conditions and job progress to ensure precision and accountability at every stage.
  • Drones: Offers aerial perspectives for better project intelligence, oversight, and planning.
  • Procore: Using a world leader in software built for construction project management, we coordinate the construction process between all involved parties and streamline workflows.

Our focus on platform integration and technological solutions aims to address the critical challenge of workforce and labor shortages in our industry. These technology solutions make our jobsites safer, more adaptable, and responsive to our clients’ needs. It enables our teams to collaborate more effectively, regardless of geographical constraints and improves decision-making through real-time data analytics – setting high standards for innovation and efficiency.

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Bridging Construction and Safety: MYCON’s Partnership with Texas A&M University
In a new initiative, MYCON is collaborating with Texas A&M University (TAMU) to sponsor a Ph.D Graduate research program through the Department of Construction Science aimed at enhancing construction site safety through the innovative use of neuro-informed safety training and artificial intelligence (AI).

The partnership between MYCON and TAMU is a strategic effort to bridge the gap between technological innovation and the safety requirements on construction sites. By focusing on neuro-informed safety training, the research aims to understand how AI-enhanced training programs can increase safety training adoption and retention. This approach has the potential to improve jobsite safety and open new avenues for continuous learning and adaptation in the face of evolving industry challenges.

The MYCON Educational Foundation, established in 2016 by MYCON with the mission to help develop the next generation of construction management professionals, is funding the year-long TAMU research program.

Looking Forward
As we move forward, our partnership with TAMU and our investment in cutting-edge technologies like large language models (LLM), RPA, and others set a bold blueprint for the future. We are not just adapting to the technological revolution but actively shaping it to fit our vision of safety, efficiency, and innovation. We will continue fully embracing the challenges and opportunities technology brings to our industry.