Charlie Myers: Are You Working on Your Strategic Plan?

By: Charlie Myers 
Published in D CEO October 24, 2017

With the robust construction environment in Texas, it is easy to sit back and enjoy the growth that is occurring for general contractors. As a general contractor that is celebrating 30 years in business, I have to admit that most of the time, I’m watching the trends for those red flags. No matter how great business is and how many projects fill the pipeline, I’m of the opinion that you make your future happen.  You just don’t let it happen.

This is the time of year when we carve out time to scope out that future.  We set aside several days offsite and bring together our officers, business unit leaders, and department heads to discuss every aspect of our business from operations and training to safety and staffing to market conditions and opportunities. We bring the most current market data to review which enables us to evaluate existing markets and identify potential new markets to explore. The discussions are collaborative and congenial but intense, and the decisions we make in those meetings help to guide us for the next two years at a minimum, and five years at best. 

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