Charlie Myers: Houston to Dallas—A Domino Effect?

By: Charlie Myers 
Published in D CEO April 7, 2015

As a general contractor with projects in diverse market sectors, I am constantly trying to balance our sales outlook with our staffing needs, both in the short-term and for the long-term. Most CEOs know that sustainable growth requires this balancing act. With the recent volatility in oil and gas prices, as with any global issue, there’s a domino effect or chain reaction that occurs when one event sets off other events that may carry sizable momentum.

Because much of our work comes from the North Texas region, rumors of significant oil and gas layoffs in Houston, along with construction projects put on hold, have caught my attention, as have the attendant headlines about the commercial real estate market: “Dozens of proposed apartments in Houston stalled amid oil downturn.” “As consumers cheer, plunge in oil prices poses test for Texas real estate.”

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